Your Customers – Our Shared Evangelists

Since we started in 2012 we have consistently gotten amazing feedback from our clients. We’ve collected incredible stories of the ways NotaryCam has made life better for people who needed to get their important documents notarized but never translated that to a number.  We recently began collecting our Net Promoter Score, and are proud to share that we have achieved an excellent NPS of 88.  This is higher than world-class companies famous for their loyal client base, like USAA (80), Apple (70), and Amazon (69).

As pioneering leaders, we have been entrusted and proudly served tens of thousands of enterprise closings across the globe. Our entire team provides the utmost care and integrity on every single transaction – fully understanding the important role we play as partner to successfully close your transactions seamlessly and on demand.

Happy New Year

Thanks to our amazing and most trusted team in the World @NotaryCam we added over 7000 new users in Q4 17!

And off to a great start in 2018 – thanks Danny!

“WOW! I cannot tell you how awesome this was for us! We are six partners in three different countries and doing this was seamless and so easy it makes me wonder how people still go to their banks or post offices to get this done! I recommend notarycam 100% and will do it again!”

– Danny Daniels, CEO January 4, 2018


Tomorrow’s Future Today

Yesterday our amazing team of #eClose360 professionals closed a couple of real estate transactions, online, with parties’ worlds apart. First, a property in Washington State, with seller in Africa and second, a Virginia property while husband and wife were vacationing in South Africa!

Although we have completed transactions thousands of overseas transactions for our tens of thousands users this was a first – not only was these the first real estate transactions closed over the Internet in Africa but we successfully completed both within hours of each other-with properties on both Coasts in the US.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines now is a good time for all good men/women to get engaged. We’ve been on the field for 5 years (first remote online notarization Oct 2012) – we’re accelerating the inevitable – join us.

No upfront costs or tying up your tech team with heavy integrations – simply submit your full set of docs to the most trusted closing team in the World, we’ll meet your customers anytime from anywhere 24/7/365  then return the fully executed and 100% compliant docs within minutes . ..cross town works, too!

Your clients will appreciate you!

And the Winner is……Online Notary

In November, we will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of our very first remote online notarization–a Florida resident (and a witness) met with our certified and professionally trained Virginia notary and notarized a legally binding transaction.

It was nerve-wracking, exciting and absolutely amazing! Since then we have logged thousands of demos, meetings, travel miles, etc. convincing the defenders of the status quo that this was legal, real and the future. We get it – change is hard but also there was very little incentive for anyone, especially legal, to go out on a limb. But as entrepreneurs, we understand that is where all the fruit is.

Today I’m pleased to report that online notarization is going mainstream. The Uniform Law Commission has heard and answered the requests from many stakeholders to draft legislation for states to adopt and allow their respective notaries to join VA, MT, OH, Nevada and Texas notaries who can perform online notarization. There is a real possibility that another 35 states will adopt similar legislation as well in 2018. The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) formed a coalition to draft standards while the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) has been hard at work for the past year to offer guidelines.

Source Media held the first ever Digital Mortgage conference in Dec 2016 and repeated, 9 months later, last week in SF. Both well attended with over 1000+ in attendance and 1300+, respectively and more than 80 live demos from the most innovative companies disrupting the Industry – the top vote and winners were………. Online Notary Closings. We were honored to receive Best of Class 2016 for our live demo with a notary 3000 miles away from the stage and only wished we could have presented to this exciting audience (alas, contest rules-no repeat demos)

As I was quoted during that exhilarating 8-minute demo, “Although we completed the first and only online RE/Mortgage closings as of now, in the next 3-4 years most, if not all, would all be completed whenever and wherever in the world the borrowers/buyers/sellers wanted to close.

Our technology is years ahead and, combined with the most experienced and trusted team of notaries (have now performed over 90% of ALL the online notarization’s all over the United States and over 70 countries) the time is ripe to elevate your brand and your overall consumer experience. Built by closing agents for closing agents – let’s make a difference, together!

Ohio notaries go online

We’re heading to Ohio! Effective today, 9.29.17, Ohio joined VA and MT allowing their licensed notaries to perform secure notarization ‘s over the Internet. The Ohio SOS Office released standards/guidelines  and we’re looking forward to meeting Ohio notaries that are now able to join the #1 most successful and professional online notary team in the World. So if you been waiting for your chance to get on board apply now.

Look forward to working with our new friends in Ohio.

Exciting news from NotaryCam

Hope you all had a wonderful Summer 2017 and were able to squeeze in some downtime with family and friends. For all our friends in the Houston area and now FL/East Coast our thoughts and prayers are with you all for a speedy recovery.  In this update:

*More states adopting online notary laws

*Update on award-winning eClose360 closing platform

*Education and Best Practices

*Fall conference attendance (MBA and ALTA)

It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch but wanted to share information, in case you have been out of the loop during the past couple of months. In short, eClosing is about to go mainstream! I’m sure you are tired of hearing this prediction from us over the past 17 years but, really, we are finally here – the ‘last mile’ to a complete electronic real estate and mortgage transaction over the Internet has been solved!

First and foremost, Ohio now joins Virginia and Montana with an approval of remote online notaries (live date is 9.29.17) – we are now accepting applications for Ohio notaries and certified signing agents and Nevada and Texas notaries are next to come online July 1, 2018. The CA eRecording Act (2004) has been amended and waiting for final attorney general sign off. In addition, it is anticipated that approx.10 other States will go live in 2018 – some title companies have now broken out of the pack and will ensure in many other States as well..

Besides our background as seasoned REALTORS, Escrow/closing agents, and pioneering eSignature expertise, our advantage continues to be our award winning eClose360 platform™ (‘Best of Class’ Digital Mortgage Conference Dec 2016. Progress in Lender Assoc. Innovation Award 2016 and MBA All-Star 2016) – allowing all parties to meet in our ‘virtual closing table’ from anywhere in the world (including attorneys, escrow/closing agents, REALTORS® and lenders in the same ceremony at the same time).  In addition, our amazing team of professional notaries have now successfully handled more than 60, 000 users – joining in from all 50 States and now over 70 Countries. Coupled with the best tech team in the Industry, our clients continue to be impressed each and every day ( ) Our eNotary/Closing experience extends as far back as 2000, our first eClose (in CA 2004) and selling our first eNote through our eVault/MERS eRegistry directly to Fannie in 2007.  We have US & Int’l patents granted, CIP filed and patents pending (initial filing 2000) – and to provide long term security and protection all our partners are granted a royalty free license!

We currently enjoy over 90+% market share (launched in VA 2012) – I share these truths not to impress but impress upon you that ‘we’ve been there and done that’ and, as partners, we have the experience, knowledge, and willingness – to help make a difference together. Our professional notaries and brilliant tech team are the best in the world and have faced and exceeded every possible challenge from customers coming to us ‘on demand’ all day – every day. We will soon be launching our version 3 and from the beginning, we always understood that unless we eliminated any/all associated friction with an electronic closing we would not win the respect and trust of professionals like you.

Like you, we built our business on a foundation of integrity and trust-your partners entrust you every day with handling their client’s largest asset purchase they will make in their lifetime and our promise remains to provide the best overall consumer experience and help elevate your brand.

If you have questions or just want to filter out any possible confusion (or noise) please just reach out –  regardless of what part of the country you are located we can share eClosing ‘best practices’ and offer ideas how you can get in the game immediately (without any heavy tech integration or start-up costs) so you get out in front of the wave that will certainly be hitting your industry within the next few months!

As members, we will also be exhibiting at the ALTA conference in Miami and the MBA Annual in Denver– please stop by and introduce yourself. In the meantime, if you or your team would like to get a running start we will be happy to schedule a live webinar demo at your convenience – please contact me directly on my cell at 949.289.3299 or

Enjoy the Fall season and all the best for the rest of the year!

Best regards, Rick

Accelerating Closings at the Speed of Life

As Americans headed to the beach to catch the last waves of Summer ’17 our amazing team kept real busy closing critical business transactions, adding over 1200 new users over the past few weeks – including multiple real estate/mortgage online closings with properties located in MD, MI, VA and DC. Actually, yesterday, one of our sellers executed docs while on her sailboat traveling through Guatemala! Truly, moving at the speed of life!!!

Hot off the press (8.29.17):

Notarycam is the best I live and work overseas.. . I just went to US to find a new home for the only had 21 days . We got lucky and found the perfect house .we ran out of time to complete the process so I thought I would lose this perfect house because of the lack of appointments at the US consulate i was quickly running out of time to closing on the house AND I found out about they save my House My documents were done in about 20 minutes even after making a mistake on my signing they fix it in minutes . Thank to Notarycam i can sleep again Yours Gregory P. P.S. They Are The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A special shout of thanks to all our partners, especially our forward thinking lenders and title partners that share our vision and offered your customers the option of hanging at the beach or on the shores of the French Riviera… enjoy the last lazy days.

Online Remote Notarization’s – FOMO ?

I just returned from attending the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) annual summer conference in Indianapolis. A terrific event held by caring public officials who also know how to throw a good party.

This was a return trip for me, having been invited by NASS to present NotaryCam’s platform back in 2013 in Alaska (I didn’t know about their fun extra curricular activities and missed a fabulous glacier cruise ride). What seems like a lifetime ago we were invited into the ‘Lion’s Den’, as 49 Secretaries of State were not pleased what we were doing under Virginia legislation, which was passed the year before. Although we alleviated concerns about technology replacing a physical in person session, not much had changed, until now. Montana followed Virginia a couple of years later and within the last 45 days Texas, Nevada, and Ohio joined the ranks.

There was definitely a different aura at last week’s session – almost a FOMO setting in (fear of missing out). There appears to be as many as 10 additional states poised for passage in the next legislation session, allowing each respective state’s notaries the same ability to use advanced audio-visual conferencing to meet with their signers as the notaries in VA and MT… more notaries in the pool!

Having serviced over 50,000 users all over the US and now nearly 70 countries we learned that not only is this process compliant and convenient but also keeps notaries relevant in a fast moving and on demand society – not to mention that these most respected professionals finally have an opportunity to earn a full-time wage…and we’re hiring.

BTW, we received this testimonial last night – just a sample of the great effort by our amazing team of certified professional notaries/signing agents:

“NotaryCam truly saved the day. We had to coordinate getting 5 people to sign with a notary and we only had one day to do it otherwise our home sale was going to fall apart. If we didn’t have NotaryCam as an option there is no way we could have gotten everyone to take time out of their busy day to meet with a notary on their own. They made it incredibly simple and effortless for everyone involved. Now I know exactly who to come to next time I need a notary. “

Nevada Passes Remote Electronic Notarization Law

Great breaking news-Governor Brian Sandoval signed Nevada online notarization (HB 413) into law, joining Virginia, Montana, and Texas. In addition, Nevada now allows for certified eNotaries to notarize and eSign electronic wills over the internet using sophisticated and secure video conferencing technology.

Deploying our award winning eClose360 platform, Nevada, and Texas professionally trained signing agents will now be able to enjoy our eco-friendly solution to electronically execute a full set of loan closing documents in a matter of minutes as opposed to driving all over the state, just as our Virginia notaries have for years. Lenders – title/closing agents have been anxiously waiting to offer the same convenient option to their borrowers – the time is now.

We completed our very first NotaryCam back in 2012 and we’re thrilled to see State Legislators and Secretaries of State providing their notaries the opportunity to do so as well. We are proud of our well-trained, professional notaries who get incredibly positive feedback on a daily basis and have helped more than 50,000 consumers and hundreds of enterprises in all 50 States and over 70 Countries.  What we do matters in people’s daily lives. Besides the overarching convenience, collapsing critical time frames and eliminating fraud before it occurs, we’re also making a difference in so many lives – here’s a testimonial we just received from Lisa from Texas:

“I will bet that you didn’t know that you provide accessibility for people with mobility limitations! I am quadriplegic due to a neuromuscular disorder and find that dealing with normal procedures for getting notarized signatures to be on the verge of impossible for me. You have opened a window for me! Thank you! ” Lisa S.

If you would like to make a real difference and join the #1 and fastest growing team give me a shout.. here’s what others are saying:


NotaryCam’s eClose360 Platform Granted Freddie Mac Approval

NotaryCam, Inc., the global leader in online notary and mortgage eClosing services, announced today that the company’s eClose360 online notary platform has been tested and approved by Freddie Mac for eMortgage origination. To be approved, vendors must meet Freddie Mac’s requirements to provide eMortgage solutions.

“We are very pleased that our technology has now been approved by Freddie Mac for eMortgage closings,” said Rick Triola, Founder and CEO of NotaryCam. “Many portfolio lenders and those who sell eMortgages to other investors have been relying on our patented eClose360 ceremony for some time. Now, mortgage lenders who sell their production to Freddie Mac can execute a full set of loan docs, register with MERS eRegistry and fund in near real-time and share those benefits with their partners and borrowers.”

NotaryCam’s eClose360 is an online notary platform that allows mortgage closings to take place entirely online — solving the last-mile digital challenge — thereby removing all associated stress and the friction of having to attend closings physically.