It’s been a busy day two of the 14th annual National Settlement Services Summit (NS3)! NotaryCam was proud to help kick off the festivities with a live demonstration of our eClose360 platform yesterday afternoon, and we’ll be manning our booth #139 for the rest of the day today and

If you miss us at NS3, the next stop on our roadshow is the Texas Land Title Association (TLTA) 2018 Annual Conference and Business Meeting being held June 11–13 at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas. TLTA is always a great show. In addition to exhibiting at booth #11, NotaryCam’s technology will be featured in a panel discussion of eNotary and blockchain on June 12 called “The Technology Effect: Now and on the Horizon.”

And, of course, we’re always happy to talk one-on-one if we don’t catch you on the road. Drop me a line at or call my cell 949.289.3299

We are incredibly proud to bring back our “Help a Hero” initiative for the sixth year running. While there is no way we can repay the men and women who have given their service for our country and freedom, we are honored to do our small part by offering no-cost notarizations over the four-day holiday weekend to U.S. military veterans and service members.

There’s no special code or hoops to jump through for this promotion — all veterans and military service members need to do is notify their notary and present a valid military or Veteran’s ID card. From all of us here at NotaryCam, thank you for your service!


Having spent the last few weeks in the bush there are way too many business lessons to share in this note-maybe in the future, but, suffice to say that there are plenty of ‘life cycle’ metaphors..

Real happy to be back in saddle but I must publicly offer a huge shout out of thanks to our amazing team (and partners) with a record setting 12, 000+ new users this last quarter (on top of 9k new users in Q4 17). Also, our remote RE/MTG closings, all across the World, have scaled to new records over the past few weeks – with 100% closing and customer satisfaction rating..only gets me to ponder where else should I go visit, soon!

In an amazing twist of events one of the most important agreements to hit the world’s stage could be in jeopardy due to a faulty Notary…really?

If they only used NotaryCam history would have been changed by the simple statement ‘let’s go to the video!’

Here’s the story

Having completed the first NotaryCam video advanced health directive in November 2012 we’re excited to announce that yesterday, March 8, 2018,  Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed into law HB 1303:

Electronic powers of attorney, trusts, and wills. Allows a testator to execute an electronic will. Specifies requirements pertaining to the: (1) creation; (2) attestation; and (3) execution; of an electronic will. Allows video recordings of an electronic will’s execution to be used for demonstrating: (1) proper execution of a will; (2) testator intent; (3) the mental state of a testator; (4) the absence of undue influence or duress with respect to a testator; and (5) verification of the individual identities involved in the execution of an electronic will. Provides exemplar instructions and advisory language to testators with respect to electronic wills. Specifies how to revoke an electronic will. Allows certain electronic records to be used in place of an electronic will. Specifies how to transfer possession of an electronic will from the current custodian to a successor custodian. Specifies the responsibilities of an electronic will custodian. Specifies how to amend, destroy, and revoke an electronic will. Creates a presumption of regularity for electronic wills. Allows electronic wills to be deposited with the clerk of a probate court in certain instances. Explains the probate process for electronic wills. Allows a settlor to create and execute an electronic trust instrument. Specifies how to create and execute an electronic trust instrument. Specifies how to amend or revoke an electronic trust instrument. Specifies who may act as a custodian for an electronic trust instrument. Specifies how an electronic trust instrument may be delivered or transferred. Specifies how to destroy an electronic trust instrument. Creates a presumption of regularity with respect to electronic trust instruments. Allows a person to create and execute an electronic power of attorney. Specifies how to execute a valid electronic power of attorney. Specifies how to amend or revoke an electronic power of attorney. Specifies who may act as a custodian for an electronic power of attorney. Specifies how to destroy an electronic power of attorney. Creates a presumption of regularity with respect to electronic powers of attorney. Defines certain terms. Makes conforming amendments.

Loan officers who attend loan closings are more successful than those who do not. According to Rob Chrisman, STRATMOR Group research indicates that LOs who don’t attend closing run a serious risk of disappointing their borrowers, consequently losing recommendations and referral business. Real estate agents know this, which is why 72% of them regularly attending closings. Unfortunately, few LOs have the time to travel from closing to closing in order to stay close to their borrowers. With eClose360, they don’t have to travel to still be more successful.

NotaryCam’s eClose360 is an award-winning online notary platform that allows mortgage and real estate closings to take place entirely online, removing all associated stress and the friction of having to attend closings physically. eClose360 is the only platform that has performed live closings that allow any party to join the ‘virtual closing table,’ including borrowers, buyers, sellers, notaries, escrow/settlement/closing agents, attorneys, real estate agents, and loan officers. The platform has been used for hundreds of home loan closings, with 99% remote closing success and a 99% customer satisfaction rating. The company enjoys the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry at 88.



Since we started in 2012 we have consistently gotten amazing feedback from our clients. We’ve collected incredible stories of the ways NotaryCam has made life better for people who needed to get their important documents notarized but never translated that to a number.  We recently began collecting our Net Promoter Score, and are proud to share that we have achieved an excellent NPS of 88.  This is higher than world-class companies famous for their loyal client base, like USAA (80), Apple (70), and Amazon (69).

As pioneering leaders, we have been entrusted and proudly served tens of thousands of enterprise closings across the globe. Our entire team provides the utmost care and integrity on every single transaction – fully understanding the important role we play as a partner to successfully close your transactions seamlessly and on demand.

Thanks to our amazing and most trusted team in the World @NotaryCam we added over 7000 new users in Q4 17!

And off to a great start in 2018 – thanks Danny!

“WOW! I cannot tell you how awesome this was for us! We are six partners in three different countries and doing this was seamless and so easy it makes me wonder how people still go to their banks or post offices to get this done! I recommend notarycam 100% and will do it again!”

– Danny Daniels, CEO January 4, 2018


Yesterday our amazing team of #eClose360 professionals closed a couple of real estate transactions, online, with parties’ worlds apart. First, a property in Washington State, with seller in Africa and second, a Virginia property while husband and wife were vacationing in South Africa!

Although we have completed transactions thousands of overseas transactions for our tens of thousands users this was a first – not only was these the first real estate transactions closed over the Internet in Africa but we successfully completed both within hours of each other-with properties on both Coasts in the US.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines now is a good time for all good men/women to get engaged. We’ve been on the field for 5 years (first remote online notarization Oct 2012) – we’re accelerating the inevitable – join us.

No upfront costs or tying up your tech team with heavy integrations – simply submit your full set of docs to the most trusted closing team in the World, we’ll meet your customers anytime from anywhere 24/7/365  then return the fully executed and 100% compliant docs within minutes . ..cross town works, too!

Your clients will appreciate you!

In November, we will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of our very first remote online notarization–a Florida resident (and a witness) met with our certified and professionally trained Virginia notary and notarized a legally binding transaction.

It was nerve-wracking, exciting and absolutely amazing! Since then we have logged thousands of demos, meetings, travel miles, etc. convincing the defenders of the status quo that this was legal, real and the future. We get it – change is hard but also there was very little incentive for anyone, especially legal, to go out on a limb. But as entrepreneurs, we understand that is where all the fruit is.

Today I’m pleased to report that online notarization is going mainstream. The Uniform Law Commission has heard and answered the requests from many stakeholders to draft legislation for states to adopt and allow their respective notaries to join VA, MT, OH, Nevada and Texas notaries who can perform online notarization. There is a real possibility that another 35 states will adopt similar legislation as well in 2018. The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) formed a coalition to draft standards while the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) has been hard at work for the past year to offer guidelines.

Source Media held the first ever Digital Mortgage conference in Dec 2016 and repeated, 9 months later, last week in SF. Both well attended with over 1000+ in attendance and 1300+, respectively and more than 80 live demos from the most innovative companies disrupting the Industry – the top vote and winners were………. Online Notary Closings. We were honored to receive Best of Class 2016 for our live demo with a notary 3000 miles away from the stage and only wished we could have presented to this exciting audience (alas, contest rules-no repeat demos)

As I was quoted during that exhilarating 8-minute demo, “Although we completed the first and only online RE/Mortgage closings as of now, in the next 3-4 years most, if not all, would all be completed whenever and wherever in the world the borrowers/buyers/sellers wanted to close.

Our technology is years ahead and, combined with the most experienced and trusted team of notaries (have now performed over 90% of ALL the online notarization’s all over the United States and over 70 countries) the time is ripe to elevate your brand and your overall consumer experience. Built by closing agents for closing agents – let’s make a difference, together!