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For more than a decade we have been the innovation leader in electronic notary. We’re the only company that can securely and legally notarize your documents online through our official network of Virginia-based notaries, ready and waiting to sign your documents now. You don’t need to drive to a local notary or pay extra for a mobile notary when you have NotaryCam. All you need is a digital version of your documents and access to a webcam and you will be done in minutes!

1. Upload 2. Connect 3. Validate 4. E-sign…and you’re done!



  • Dominique Janine
    Dominique Janine
    January 08, 2015
    “Naomi Myrick is great! She notarized my document quickly and efficiently, it was done in 13 minutes. I will always use this service when I need something notarized. For the… Read more
    Philip Rice
    Philip Rice
    December 31, 2014
    “This company saved my bacon, when my house had to close very quickly when I was out of the US. After some setting up, that actual transaction took half an… Read more
  • Coppieters, S
    Coppieters, S
    Rusty Lee was very friendly and helpful. I am so glad this service is now available– sure beats driving 100 miles to the closest U.S. consulate and paying 3 times… Read more
    Ruth, A
    Ruth, A
    The Notary Cam Team (Henry) was fast, professional and efficient. I expect that your business will do well as the service is very convenient. Read more
  • Steeves, AJ
    Steeves, AJ
    Great experience! The process was smooth and explained well. Felt like a real VIP experience. Why drive in traffic for 2 hours to see a notary when you can simply… Read more
    Roughley, K
    Roughley, K
    This service is great. It’s quick, easy, and simple. The notary that I worked with was super helpful and walked me through exactly what needed to be done. All in… Read more

How It Works

It’s simple, go to NotaryCam.com, upload your document, connect to a live Notary face-to-face on a webcam, and electronically sign your document. The notary will verify and confirm your identity and apply their eNotary seal.

  1. Upload your document.
  2. Call/Request a live eNotary.
  3. eNotary will confirm your ID.
  4. eSign your document.
  5. Notary will eNotarize your document.
  6. Documents are routed and stored securely.




eNotarize your documents online now! Completely guaranteed

Electronic Notarization


$25.00/Notarization *

  • Legally valid. Learn more.
  • Entire process takes only minutes.
  • Talk with a US notary over webcam.
  • Notarize documents anywhere.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Additional Fee of $54 applies to customers outside the US.

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