License NotaryCam: Self-Sign Up

The NotaryCam portal for independent notaries

Easy four-step sign-up process

  • 1. Get ready: All notaries must provide a background check, proof of $100k of E&O insurance, a digital certificate, and notary seal image.
  • 2. Fill out registration form and confirm your email
  • 3. Enter payment information
  • 4. Fill out notary commission information

* Contact the NNA at 1-800-876-6827 or visit their website to purchase any of the above *
Once reviewed, you’ll be notified of NotaryCam account approval!

NotaryCam® is the digital closing platform that gives
U.S.-based, RON-commissioned notaries the freedom
to notarize documents for your clients anywhere.

Let your clients sign documents
from their desktop, laptop or iPad

They can sign remotely from the comfort of their home,
office or any other location.



Schedule your own appointments

Ability for multiple attendees to join a signing, not just the signers

Easy to sign up and start completing RON transactions

NotaryCam has 11 years of RON experience, and the platform
has facilitated 1 million+ transactions to date

Excellent customer experience – Popular with notaries all over the country

Short-term contract – 12 months to start

10-year minimum video and notary journal retention

Dedicated email tech support

Online tutorials

SOC2 compliant with high emphasis on security and MISMO certified

Ongoing platform upgrades/new features included

No minimum monthly usage

Automatic billing

Itemized monthly invoicing

Built-in tagging tool

Built-in annotation tool

Tag templates

Coming soon: White labeling available in the future. Contact for more information.