About Us

We are the experts of taking an archaic Notarial workflow to an innovative, twenty first century approach.With over 30 years of experience, more than a decade ago we set out to master the electronic real estate and mortgage ecosystem. What began as a simple journey to streamline the transaction for our customers turned into what seems to be a lifetime commitment.
Thank goodness we received some very early and salient advice.

"Eliminating the stress and associated friction around the antiquated systems, mounds of paper, faxes, scanners and overnight couriers seems like a no–brainer, but this will take you longer than you can ever imagine—it only took us 17 years to get broad adoption for the ATM machine," said an ATM entrepreneur, visionary and early adviser.

We firmly believe that it just makes too much sense that consumers would not want to be tethered to paper, fax machines, scanners, overnight carriers or snail mail and inconvenienced by all this associated paper-based friction around signing and notarizations.
That drives our team every day!

Global e-Commerce continues to explode and secure electronic signatures became the glue to connect all parties, documents and vendors over the World.Notaries have been around for centuries, providing the professional witnessing and ID Verification of signers. In the US real estate /mortgage industry nearly 100 % of all transactions require the service of a licensed professional notary.
Although we processed thousands of successful electronic notarizations since 2004, from California to North Carolina, there remains an unnecessary roadblock for anyone to scale nationally.

In 2010, robo-signing hit the headlines so we knew we needed to change the tools to allow for a digital face-to-face meeting with the signer and notary.
Every party to the transaction needed to appear in the same 'room'. While keeping it simple, we needed to develop the most sophisticated system and offer the highest level security possible.
We also needed 100% assurance that the signer and notary were who they said they were, and needed solid, secure and memorialized evidence to go to court with, versus the "he said-she said" type of argument that is so prevalent today.

In addition, absolute verification as to the originality and integrity of the document, guaranteeing that there would be no manipulation once electronically signed, was paramount and our highest priority.
We were fortunate that the Commonwealth of Virginia shared the same insight and vision, and on July 1, 2012 remote video notarizations became legal, anytime from anywhere, as long as notarizations were performed by highly trained and professionally certified Virginia electronic notaries…

Hence, the birth of NotaryCam—the first process that connects all parties and documents in a virtual closing room.

Further, NotaryCam also provides a secure, verifiable and independent witnessing service for high-valued business transactions, offering irrefutable evidence to any oral or written contract or agreement or ceremony.If you need assistance to close your deals quicker and with more confidence please reach out to us.

IP: US Patents #7127406 and #8204807; TM #4693579

  • Brian Webster

    In his role as President of NotaryCam, Brian is responsible for NotaryCam’s strategic growth and focus’ on expanding the company’s remote online notarization (RON) and electronic closing products and services. Before joining NotaryCam, Webster spent two and a half years with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) where he was the executive sponsor of the eClosing project, an important and ground-breaking new strategy at the time for conducting electronic transaction closings for the mortgage industry that focused on settlement agent partners. He has held numerous executive roles in the financial and mortgage lending sector, most recently as Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions for Freedom Mortgage Corporation in Marlton, NJ.

  • Rick Triola

    Rick has decades of real estate industry experience, in NY and CA, in residential and commercial, in sales and settlement. Since 1999 he has been a tech entrepreneur, focusing on eSigning, eNotary, and his "holy grail", a completely electronic, frictionless, real estate and mortgage eClosing.