Stormy Weather? Best Excuse to Stay in Your Pj’s

  • By jack

  • 14 February, 2014

Global warming aside, the country continues to get hammered by blustery weather conditions. As of this writing, one third of US has been severely impacted. Commerce, for all intents and purposes, has come to a screeching halt. Taking the good with bad, I can’t help imagine that most online retailers are enjoying a most welcomed winter ‘bump’ on post holiday numbers, one blogger called it correctly,  ”it’s never too stormy to go shopping online”…

Although I grew up back East (sorry, enjoying 70′s in So Cal this week), I really never gave it much thought about the severe impact on typical ‘brick and mortar’ type business – what happens to your scheduled home closing, or the tens of thousands of cancelled meetings, or  your expiring loan commitments, or that document you need to have notarized immediately, etc? And then we received a NotaryCam comment:

“You really can’t beat it for ease and convenience. Snowy freezing cold day in Chicago and instead of going out into the streets hoping to find a notary, I got my document notarized at my kitchen table in my pj’s!!”

Kevin Scott from Chicago

Kind of adds yet another reason to keep on plowing! Stay warm and stay safe..