Olympic State of Mind

  • By jack

  • 15 August, 2016

  • Ok, like everyone else, I’m not getting the sleep I need (or deserve) as I am so in awe of these amazing Olympians, doing what others were unwilling to do – a lifetime of devotion, passion, hard word, missing social life, etc. So, being in a Gold medal mindset, I have to brag a bit about our phenomenal Notary team (and our entire staff !). Not that I’m not proud of their professional dedication and great effort each and every transaction, 24/7/365, but I woke up to an unbelievable note from a customer, who completed a notarized transaction over the weekend, and I just wanted to share with you (and a few thousand friends)

Hi Rick and good day,

Just to make it short and precise, I truly have to admit:

Your professional and capable staff has done what my words just can’t describe !!

I simply couldn’t imagine or expect what your people were able to offer me.

The presence of a professional, fully-trained, well-educated and welling-to-help staff, armed with their courtesy, speed, timely follow ups, full flow of useful information … all of that makes me say: “Woow , you’re beyond being the best”.

You’re the champs; thank you all so very much. You just keep on dong the marvelous job; we will spread the word in every corner: “With NotaryCam, everyone can trust that his documents notarizing is a breeze.” K. Ahmed

Soooo Proud…(in case you missed what others are saying Testimonials )

Go out and make a difference!