NotaryCam closing real estate from anywhere

  • By jack

  • 13 May, 2015

One recent Monday morning while I was listening to a lecture in Chicago, I received a text from a colleague alerting me that NotaryCam had just helped a Texas couple close on their home.

From Africa.

A Texas couple was on the cusp of closing a sale on their home, but the husband was in Africa on business and getting the necessary documents notarized would mean significant time and expense for a document translation and a local attorney.

Without that notarization, the deal might have unraveled. Fortunately. The title company representative found NotaryCam. With our unique online notarization and Web conferencing service, the parties were able to complete the sale. No other notary service could have allowed for such an uncomplicated cross-continental closure.

I felt great getting that text and went back to paying attention to the lecture I was listening to as part of REach®, the growth technology accelerator program of the National Association of Realtors®’ strategic investment arm, Second Century Ventures. NotaryCam has the honor this year of being one of seven organizations to be chosen for the REach 2015 class.

The REach distinction serves as a validation that the industry considers the work that we’re doing to be game-changing. And the texts I kept receiving throughout that lecture – and throughout the week – served as a validation that the public agrees.

Later in the day, for instance, I received a text alerting me that NotaryCam helped a homeowner complete a refinance in just 25 minutes. That same week, we helped an American couple in the UAE who was selling a home back in Indiana get their closing documents signed and turned in on time without having to wait for an appointment with the U.S. Embassy. A Wisconsin man currently living in Thailand was told he’d have to wait weeks for an Embassy appointment to have three documents notarized, making the sale of his home nearly impossible without us.

The stories kept coming – and so does the praise.

“I have been so pleased with the service and staff at NotaryCam,” Allison Miller wrote. “I am currently living overseas and had a time sensitive transaction that needed to be notarized. The NotaryCam service was invaluable and made it possible to carry out the needed business transaction without having to travel back to the States. I am grateful for the advancements in technology and for NotaryCam. Great experience!”