NotaryCam Certifies Compliance with MISMO RON Standards for Real Estate Transactions

  • By NotaryCam

  • 18 November, 2020

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 18, 2020 — NotaryCam®, the pioneering leader in online notarization and original provider of mortgage eClosing solutions, today announced that it has completed the Mortgage Industry Standard Maintenance Organization (MISMO) Remote Online Notarization (RON) Software Compliance Certification Program. The program was designed to increase adoption of RON-enabled digital mortgage closings and support the integrity and scalability of eMortgages. In addition, the certification provides clarity to mortgage industry participants regarding which providers comply with MISMO’s RON standards and reduces the resource burden of executing duplicative assessment, certification and approval processes of RON providers.

“Recognizing the need for industry-wide RON standards, NotaryCam has been a long-time MISMO supporter and collaborator in the development of the RON standards to promote consistency across mortgage industry practices and state regulations,” said NotaryCam founder Rick Triola. “As RON transactions become more commonplace in the mortgage industry, NotaryCam is proud to have earned its MISMO RON Software Compliance Certification, which serves as a signal to all industry participants that they can confidently rely on the NotaryCam platform to securely and compliantly execute mortgage closings remotely.”

Within its eClose 360 platform and in accordance with MISMO standards, NotaryCam provides continuous, synchronous audio and video feeds that contribute not only to a smooth closing process, but also to the required credential analysis and authentication procedures. eClose 360 automatically securely records significant actions taken as part of the RON transaction as part of the Audit Trail. NotaryCam’s security measures employ data protection safeguards as well as provide a tamper-evident method by which a notary can export the Notarial Records for functions such as county recording. Additionally, documents notarized by NotaryCam include a statement meeting the needs of both federal and state regulations affirming the use of RON technology.

For more information on MISMO’s RON Standards and the Certification Program, visit the MISMO Digital Mortgage Resource Center.