Accelerating the Inevitable

  • By jack

  • 2 February, 2016

Accelerating the inevitable, a suitable mantra for any organization but certainly the focus of any startup… the old ship is anchored in the harbor. ‘Disruption’, I guess.

Let’s take a look at the real estate/mortgage industry – stuck in status quo – reams of paper, antiquated processes, ongoing fraud, entrenched incumbents, ink wet signatures and physical appearance to close a transaction – inevitably, ripe for change.

Remember the days when you waited  in line at the bank with a check written out to ‘cash’ –  ugh, ask any millennial if she ’ever’ visited a bank, oh yea, she had to show up to sign the signature card, with a pen.. never been back again!

Elon Musk, pedal to the metal..the auto industry cruised from buggy to ‘horsepower’ – now Tesla has taken on the incumbents to get to the future, faster. SpaceX- usable rockets, why didn’t NASA think of that? Hyperloop/MIT, amazing!

We’re just focused on the inevitable why not?