Driving Success: eSignatures for Dealerships

  • By NotaryCam

  • 12 December, 2023

Remember when buying a car meant spending hours at the dealership, navigating stacks of paper and waiting for wet ink to dry? Those days are becoming as outdated as an 8-track tape player. The auto industry is embracing digital technology in exciting ways, especially with eSignatures for dealerships.

In today’s world where comfort is a priority, who wouldn’t want to electronically sign paperwork without having to leave the house or office? Beyond the added convenience, eSignatures also bring improved customer experience, streamlined processes and enhanced security measures. eSignatures bring benefits that reach far beyond making life easier.

We’re talking improved customer experience, streamlined processes and enhanced security measures… all thanks to that simple electronic scribble! And did we mention how they can help keep your deal documents compliant?

The wheels are already in motion; don’t get left behind in the dust!

The Rising Importance of eSignatures in Car Dealerships

Electronic signatures, or eSignatures for short, are rapidly becoming a staple in the automotive industry. This rise can be attributed to an increase in digital retailing and online car buying trends.

A report from Cox Automotive reveals that since the start of the pandemic, 69% of dealers have added at least one digital step into their sales process. Moreover, it was reported that 74% of customers used these new tools to research, fund and purchase vehicles.

This indicates a shift towards a more streamlined customer journey where traditional paper records are being replaced by electronic transactions with esignatures taking center stage. But why this sudden change?

  • eSignature allows auto finance companies to provide quicker funding approval as there’s no need for ‘wet ink’ on physical documents.
  • Digital deal documents make it easier for flooring companies who work closely with dealerships due to increased accuracy and reduced chances of missing signatures within contracts.
  • eContracting has proven effective not only in improving overall customer experience but also helps prevent unauthorized access keeping your data secure throughout vehicle purchases.

To put simply; they speed up motor vehicle sales while ensuring everything remains legally binding under national commerce laws such as E-Sign Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

Legal Aspects Surrounding eSignatures

The world of car buying has evolved, and so have the legalities. Electronic signatures or eSignatures are now a big part of this transformation.

Federal Laws Regarding eSignatures

The E-Sign Act at the federal level is like a shield that protects electronic transactions. It ensures that eSignatures can be valid and legally binding. But it doesn’t stop there. We also have UETA – Uniform Electronic Transactions Act – acting as another layer of protection for business and commercial transactions.

You see, these laws make sure you’re not playing in the wild west when dealing with auto sales contracts online.

But What About California?

A good question indeed. You might wonder how states deal with such matters? Let’s take California as an example; they’ve adopted E-Sign which makes e-signing completely legal within its jurisdiction.

This isn’t just some “Golden State” whimsy but solid backing for digital retailing advancements in motor vehicle trade across state lines. So if you’re an automotive dealer based out here on the Pacific Coast, no need to sweat over whether your electronically signed documents will hold up under scrutiny.

In essence, these acts lay down a robust framework supporting dealerships while enhancing customer experience during vehicle purchases through eSignature platforms like NotaryCam.

Streamlining Processes with eSignatures

Purchasing a car can be an onerous and protracted experience. But the adoption of eSignatures is changing that narrative. Online car dealerships are now embracing this technology to enhance their customer satisfaction and expedite faster funding.

The signing process becomes seamless when customers can sign documents electronically right from their web browser or tablet device. This flexibility in the car buying process significantly reduces time spent on paperwork during vehicle purchases. A surprising statistic shows that nearly 4 in 5 consumers trust eSignatures when submitting an official document online.

This digital revolution doesn’t stop at improving just the shopping experience for buyers; it also contributes significantly towards reducing paper trail and ensuring better document management within dealerships. Electronic records replace piles of paper records, leading to a more organized workspace.

Beyond organization, adopting electronic transactions brings about another key benefit: security enhancements which prevent unauthorized access to deal documents and sales contracts. Furthermore, esignature packages often come with robust features such as tracking signature fields to avoid missing signatures—a common hiccup in auto transactions—thereby making sure every dotted line gets its due attention.

To add icing on top of these advantages is one standout fact: According to a survey by Cox Automotive (a leader in automotive services), around 72% of buyers reported being “highly satisfied” with their overall shopping experience when they could use eSignature capabilities throughout the purchase journey.

Cox Automotive’s insights, along with other market trends suggest how integral esigning has become for creating memorable customer journeys while maintaining operational efficiency across dealerships.

Security Measures Enhanced by eSignatures

In the digital age, car dealerships need to prioritize security. eSignatures can play a crucial role in this regard.

eSignatures are designed to prevent unauthorized access and secure your business against fraudulent activities. Many states that allow for eSignatures on auto documents require them to be attributable specifically to the intended signee, making it harder for someone else to forge their signature.

Beyond just signatures, though, every action taken within an electronic record is logged and timestamped. This forms a robust audit trail which gives you more control over your deal documents while also maintaining accountability at all times.

The Audit Trail: Your Security Blanket

Auditing isn’t just about catching errors or fraud; it’s also about improving processes and efficiency in vehicle purchases. The audit trail allows dealerships not only to trace back any changes made but also to pinpoint when they were made and who made them – information that could be vital if disputes arise later on down the line.

This level of detail provides added assurance of document integrity as well as demonstrating compliance with specific legal requirements around data protection – another important consideration given recent high-profile breaches.

Mitigating Unauthorized Access

No one wants uninvited guests meddling with sensitive paperwork. With eSignature solutions like NotaryCam, there’s no risk of anyone accessing your contracts without permission. It employs advanced authentication methods ensuring only authorized users can place signatures where needed on sales contracts or other key deal documents.

All these features work together seamlessly, providing peace-of-mind while reducing paper trails – showing once again why so many businesses are making the switch to eSignatures.

The Advantages of eSigning for Dealerships

Adopting eSignatures in dealerships brings a slew of benefits, such as increased accuracy and compliance with consumer protection regulations. It’s not just about going paperless – it’s also about enhancing the car buying process.

For starters, eSignatures streamline deal documents by eliminating the risk of missing signatures. This gives finance companies peace of mind knowing that every signature field has been properly filled out before funding can start. According to Software Advice, lenders have purchased, securitized, and funded billions of dollars in eSigned retail and lease contracts.

Beyond this practical advantage is an improved customer experience. ESignature software features make contract signing easier than ever for customers while maintaining all necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

This doesn’t mean compromising on legality either: Dealertrack’s esignatures are accepted by all major lenders participating in econtracting on their platform.

eSigning Ensures Accuracy & Compliance

Esignatures increase accuracy because they leave no room for error when filling out paperwork digitally – especially crucial during vehicle purchases where multiple forms need signing at once.

eSigning Enhances Customer Experience

It’s undeniable how much more convenient digital processes are compared to traditional methods requiring wet ink signatures. The entire transaction becomes completely digital – making auto transactions faster and less stressful for both parties involved.

eSigning Provides Legal Security

All these advantages don’t come at the expense of legal security either. With national commerce acts supporting electronic records’ validity (like ESIGN), you can rest assured that eSigned documents are just as legally binding as their paper counterparts.

Future Trends in eSignatures for Dealerships

One trend that’s taking the industry by storm? The rise of esignatures and mobile econtracting applications.

Digital retailing advancements have made it possible for customers to sign documents electronically from anywhere, anytime. This not only simplifies vehicle purchases but also boosts customer experience.

eSignatures offer a completely digital way to seal deals without the need for wet ink or paper records. But there’s more coming down the pike.

Towards Mobile eContracting Applications

Imagine finalizing your auto transactions while on test drives. Mobile econtracting applications are expected to make this dream come true soon. Such software components will let buyers complete deal documents right on their tablet devices through web browsers.

Cox Automotive, one such player at the forefront of these changes, predicts an increase in offering e-contracting solutions as part of their sales process.

Rise in Digital Retailing Advancements

A seamless shopping experience is key when purchasing motor vehicles – enter digital retailing advancements like electronic transactions and document management systems. Software Advice points out how these tools can help manage signature fields efficiently while ensuring missing signatures get flagged before contracts become legally binding under national commerce regulations.

Moreover, they provide security features designed specifically to prevent unauthorized access and ensure a robust electronic record – eliminating any concerns about contract e-signings’ legality.

In conclusion, technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of the auto finance landscape for both car buyers and dealers.


Embracing eSignatures for dealerships isn’t just about keeping up with the times. It’s a strategic move that offers clear advantages.

From streamlining processes to enhancing customer experience, electronic signatures are paving the way forward. They provide improved security measures and help keep your deal documents compliant – all in one go!

Legal frameworks like E-Sign Act and UETA have recognized their validity, making them as binding as traditional inked signatures.

The future of car buying is digital. And eSignatures? Well, they’re driving this change at full speed! Are you primed to join in?


Common Questions About eSignatures for Dealerships



How do I get eSignatures?

To obtain eSignatures, you must first choose a reliable digital platform that provides this service. Platforms like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and HelloSign are popular choices. After creating an account, you can upload the document requiring signatures. You then specify where to sign by adding fields in the document and send it to the relevant parties via email. The recipients will receive a link directing them to securely sign the document online. Once all parties have signed digitally, everyone receives a final copy of the executed agreement.


Can you buy a car with an eSignature?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a vehicle using an electronic signature (eSignature). Many auto dealerships and lending institutions have adopted digital processes that include the use of eSignatures. However, specific requirements may vary by state and institution. It’s crucial to confirm whether your local regulations accept eSignatures for such transactions. Additionally, some documents related to automobile purchasing might still require traditional notarization or in-person signing due to their legal significance.


Are eSignatures legal?

Yes, eSignatures are legal and widely accepted. The U.S. federal law has recognized electronic signatures since the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) was enacted in 2000. Similarly, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) has also made eSignatures legally binding at a state level since 1999. However, certain documents like wills or family law matters may still require traditional wet ink signatures.


Do eSignatures hold up in court?

Yes, electronic signatures (eSignatures) are legally binding and hold up in court under the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) of 2000. This law ensures that contracts or agreements signed electronically carry the same weight as traditional paper documents with handwritten signatures. However, for an eSignature to be valid, it must meet certain criteria such as intent to sign, consent to do business electronically, association of signature with the record, and record retention.