Notary As We Know It Is Rapidly Changing

  • By jack

  • 4 March, 2017

Since we completed the first e Notary mortgage closing back in 2004 not much has changed, until now. Today, the ability to close a RE/MTG transactions completely online, for the convenience of all parties – anytime and from anywhere in the world – is now a reality. No need to hop in car to attend a physical closing !

The role of the professional Notary is extremely important and critical not only for this high valued transaction but for society as a whole, and now the tools are changing. As identity fraud continues to grow as the #1 crime in America, a higher level of security and ID proofing is sorely needed – more than today’s accepted practices of an ‘in person’ review of a potential fake drivers license and/or passport – these fraudsters are good and getting better!

In addition, to the above mentioned benefits,  the deterrent factor of the video recording along with the long term storage of the ceremony, is as obvious as is the overall convenience and cost savings.

As the #1 global online remote notary leader (tens of thousands of transactions – with over 90% market share) our team of professional notaries will assist any consumer or enterprise – closing your transaction online in minutes – 24/7/365..

Akron Legal News recently published ‘The End of Notary….’:

“Notary stamps are as old as time itself. Notaries date from at least the time of Shakespeare, if not before. But the stamp that we are so used to may be about to disappear……. READ MORE

Have a nice weekend – our amazing team of notaries are available!