eOriginal Partners with NotaryCam

  • By jack

  • 6 October, 2015

eOriginal, Inc., the experts in digital transactions, and NotaryCam, the pioneering leader in online electronic notary service, today announced an interoperable partnership to add eNotarization capabilities, further streamlining eOriginal’s recently announced end-to-end digital mortgage platform. As one of the key innovations to eOriginal’s robust eMortgage ecosystem, NotaryCam will provide secure, convenient and legally-compliant electronic notarization capabilities.

NotaryCam’s advanced, intuitive technology allows homebuyers to upload their mortgage loan documents, connect to a live notary, face-to-face via webcam and sign their documents digitally. With browser-to-browser video conferencing, the notary verifies and confirms the signer’s identity and applies an eNotary seal on the electronic document. Designed for signer ease and efficiency, NotaryCam can accommodate multiple signers, from any combination of locations with multiple signing sessions on the same document – including the mortgage signing ceremony.

“Today’s consumers rightly demand the 21st century expectations of convenience, ease and speed that are provided digitally in their day-to-day lives for notarization services,” said C. Richard Triola, president and CEO of NotaryCam. “By partnering with eOriginal, through its eMortgage ecosystem, we can provide a streamlined, convenient eClosing experience without the unnecessarily archaic and time-consuming paper-filled signing ceremony.”

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