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Legal documents completed fast & accurately

With everyone and everything going digital, you need a reliable notary service that is quick, easy, and convenient for your clients. We work closely with law firms to automate the collection of legal documents needing notarization, such as Power of Attorney forms, Contracts, Agreements, and more.  With NotaryCam’s online notary services, your client can easily and quickly have their legal documents notarized with no work on your end. 

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turnaround time

Put an end to chasing down clients who are too busy to get a document notarized. With NotaryCam, your clients are given a simple, modern way to complete a legally valid notarization. You get the documentation you need, done quickly and done right. 

By having your clients seek out a local notary public, he or she wastes precious time you need to finish their legal case. And if your client works crazy business hours, it could be weeks before their documents are notarized. Make it simple. Make it easy. NotaryCam’s online notary services are simple, easy, and painless.

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Access from anywhere your clients are located

With the increase in globalization, your clients could be anywhere in the world at anytime. When your law firm partners with NotaryCam for online notary services, it doesn’t matter where your clients travel, from Ireland to Timbuktu, you’ll have them covered. As long as they have an internet connection and a computer or an electronic device, NotaryCam’s online notary services go where your clients go!

Save time and money by getting documents notarized from anywhere your clients are located online, safe and legally. Need a legal document signed by a client in California, but your firm is in New York? You will get signed and notarized documents in mere minutes.

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Track customers’

With the online notary services of NotaryCam, you’ll be able to track when your clients complete their notarized paperwork. Access to your own enterprise dashboard to see all your customers’ notarizations and follow progress in real time. Know what notary transactions could not be completed for your legal documents from your clients and why. We’re an all-in-one online notary service your law firm needs to save time, money, and hassle. Sign up today!

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