Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent

If you are a snowbird, or you operate a business in several locations, one of the logistical issues you must deal with is receiving mail addressed to various locations. It is often not practical to depend on another person to collect mail and forward it to you. However, there are a number of mail forwarding services that will forward your mail to you nearly anywhere in the world. Choose your mail service. If you make the transaction in person, you will need to show a photo identification and provide your present address. If you make the transaction by mail you will have to send copies of your documentation. Complete USPS Form 1583: Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent. This is required to authorize anyone besides the United States Postal Service to handle delivery of your mail. This form must be completed in person at the mail forwarding facility or witnessed by a notary if mailed.

FORM PS1583 – Click Here