Atheist Outraged After Claiming Notary Refused Her Service

An atheist activist is claiming that a notary at a TD Bank branch in New Jersey refused her request to authenticate documents, because she’s a nonbeliever — but a spokeswoman for the bank has an entirely different story. “I was just refused service — because I am an atheist,” American Atheists managing director Amanda Knief…

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  • 28 March, 2014

Dozens of notaries are now being investigated

ORLANDO, Fla. — Dozens of notaries are now being investigated after an Action 9 investigation exposed their criminal histories. We found convicted con men and thieves still had state licenses to notarize legal documents. Surveillance cameras helped investigators build a case against Ricky Collins, who was found guilty of a yearlong burglary spree through tourist…

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  • 25 March, 2014

Employees at 90% of public notary offices strike

CAIRO: State notary employees, in over 90% of the state notary offices in the governorates of Cairo, Sharqia, Fayoum, Asyut, Aswan, Kafr el-Sheikh, Menoufia, Gharbia, entered into a strike, Tarek Azouz, the head of the advisors of the State Notary Offices Club told Youm7 Saturday. Azouz said the strike comes to protest the Justice Ministry’s…

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  • 24 February, 2014

Stormy Weather? Best Excuse to Stay in Your Pj’s

Global warming aside, the country continues to get hammered by blustery weather conditions. As of this writing, one third of US has been severely impacted. Commerce, for all intents and purposes, has come to a screeching halt. Taking the good with bad, I can’t help imagine that most online retailers are enjoying a most welcomed…

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  • 14 February, 2014

Top 9 Notary Public Fraud Practices You Need To Know Now

  According to a recent report issued by The Office of the Florida Attorney General, the deceptive and fraudulent practices around foreclosures and robo-signing, especially the licensed Notary Public were – let’s just say – unbelievable. We scoured the report and here are the top failures around the notarization signing process: FULL FREE REPORT

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  • 10 February, 2014

Long Awaited – FHA Approves e-Signatures

It was announced today that the FHA will now accept e-Signatures. Industry pundits have said that the entire electronic real estate and mortgage transaction has been stalled to almost to a complete halt without this FHA buy-in. (E-Sign Act, June 2000) Settleware has been advocating such advances and pioneering the effort since the late 90′s…

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  • 30 January, 2014

State seeks to protect immigrants from bad advice

The man who was doing Paula’s taxes said that he also could help her with her immigration status. And even though he was a notary and didn’t have legal expertise, Paula (who didn’t want her last name to be published in this story) was desperate for a solution. So she paid him for advice that…

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  • 3 December, 2013

Help-A-Hero Offers Complimentary Online NotaryCam

From now until Monday, November 11, 2013, Settleware Secure Services, Inc. will honor those who have served by offering free NotaryCam’s to all United States veterans and service members. NotaryCam™ allows business and individuals to legally notarize, sign and execute documents, agreements or contracts online. NotaryCam is the first patented all-digital service of its…

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  • 8 November, 2013

Algeria doctor jailed for child-trafficking

Prosecutors argued that the doctor illegally transported children abroad with the help of the notary, who falsified “disclaimer” documents signed by single mothers ANGOLA PRESS – AFRICA 5/29/13 12:52 PM Algeria –  An Algerian doctor has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for abducting children born to single mothers and selling them in France…

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  • 2 June, 2013

Defective Notary Invalidates Prenup

THOMPSON REUTERS 5/30/2013 By Daniel Wiessner ALBANY, N.Y. (Reuters) – A paperwork error rendered a Rochester couple’s prenuptial agreement invalid, and the husband could not save the pact by filing an affidavit during divorce proceedings 10 years later, the Court of Appeals has ruled. A six-judge panel on Thursday unanimously agreed with Michelle Galetta, who…

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  • 2 June, 2013