Watch our Super Bowl ad before the Big Game

  • By jack

  • 31 January, 2015

Ok, tomorrow’s audience of 155 million people could use our remote online notary service, especially the New England Patriot fans buried in 3 feet of winter blizzard. Here’s our dilemma, our 90 second ad would have cost us $13.5 million so our (stingy) board pushed back. So, we got permission to deploy our loyal customers and friends to see how many we fans could reach on our own. CAUTION: It may be hard to distinquish at first glance, but the board also balked at spending a cool million on this video, lol



Point is you probably will be munching and missing most of the commercials any way but now you have another excuse to take a break during the Big Game- jump on Get Started and NotaryCam your document(s) in a flash. (besides, every notary in the US will be busy anyway!)

Happy Super Bowl-hope your team wins!