Remote Online Closing – 30 Minutes Across 4 States

  • By jack

  • 17 September, 2018

Mortgage News Daily, Sept 17.2018

From NotaryCam comes the true-life story of Dana Jackson, an Army wife whose husband was reassigned from Washington to Georgia. The Jacksons found a buyer for their home, but the closing date posed challenges: Dana was in Illinois visiting family, and her mother-in-law (a cosigner on the home) was in Missouri. The family’s title agent recommended NotaryCam’s remote online notarization (RON) service. The Jacksons used iPads and laptops to join a Virginia-based notary in a virtual signing room. “We were all connected and looking at each other from four separate states,” said Dana. “At first everyone had a little uncertainty … but it was easy and took just about 30 minutes. Seriously, the hardest part was picking the time to do it. After that, it couldn’t have run smoother.”

If you’ve faced similar challenges and wished you had a customer-friendly solution, check out NotaryCam’s demo tomorrow at Digital Mortgage or email founder Rick Triola.