NotaryCam surpasses 1 million remote online notarization transactions

  • By NotaryCam

  • 12 April, 2022

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 12, 2022 — NotaryCam®, a Stewart-owned company and a pioneering provider of remote online notarization and identity verification/authentication technology for real estate and legal transactions, today announced it has performed more than 1 million successful remote online notarization (RON) transactions. Since 2012, NotaryCam has facilitated transactions for Fortune 500 companies, banks, mortgage lenders, attorneys, settlement agents and more across the globe.

With more than 1 million global users, NotaryCam has performed RON transactions for customers in all 50 states and 150 countries. As a pioneer in RON, NotaryCam offers a platform that scales in every jurisdiction to provide mortgage lenders and their settlement agents the competitive advantage of closing how the client wants to close and allows multiple parties to join the signing ceremony.

“At NotaryCam, we’re proud of each and every milestone we’ve met over the years, but performing one million transactions is certainly one of the bigger ones we’ve been honored to celebrate,” said NotaryCam division president Rick Triola. “Whether it was the first or the one-millionth transaction, NotaryCam has been committed to providing a RON platform that facilitates a smooth mortgage closing experience without any of the limits imposed on traditional closings, and we will continue to bring that commitment to our next million transactions.”

Recently, New York became the 39th state to pass permanent RON legislation – a milestone which New York native Triola has awaited since founding the company to address the difficulties he faced in conducting his New York real estate closings after relocating to California. As a Mortgage Industry Standard Maintenance Organization (MISMO) certified platform, NotaryCam meets, and often exceeds, the standards set by state legislation for RON transactions.

“The growth RON has seen in the past few years has been almost exponential,” Triola said. “As some aspects of RON become standardized in the mortgage industry, NotaryCam will always strive to go above and beyond for our customers and provide the best experience possible.”