NotaryCam approved to provide RON services for Delaware notaries

  • By NotaryCam

  • 6 October, 2023

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 6, 2023 — NotaryCam®, a Stewart-owned company and a pioneer in providing remote online notarization technology for real estate and legal transactions, announced today the State of Delaware Notary Department has approved the company to provide remote online notarization (RON) services to notaries public registered in the state.

As an approved vendor in the state, NotaryCam provided department staff with a demonstration of its RON platforms and features that covered specific state requirements such as tamper-evident documents, an audit trail and identify proofing. Utilizing NotaryCam’s platform, notaries public in Delaware can perform notarial acts for remotely located individuals. Currently, 45 states have enacted laws allowing permanent access to remote online notarization, according to the American Land Title Association (ALTA).

“NotaryCam is proud to be an approved RON vendor in Delaware, and we are honored to provide Delaware notaries with the latest technology to help them provide their invaluable services,” said NotaryCam president Brian Webster. “We applaud Governor John Carney, Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock and the entire Delaware General Assembly for their efforts to further the modernization of notarial acts and provide remote notarization to Delaware’s commissioned notaries.”

The bill gives notarized electronic documents the same authority as notarized physical documents and requires all notaries public to maintain a journal of all notarial acts performed. As in other states’ legislation, Delaware’s Secretary of State is permitted to establish new regulations and processes for notaries.

Updates and additional information on RON in Delaware can be found on the Delaware Notary Public website at