Loan Officer: Attend Closings Online Earn More in 2018

  • By jack

  • 26 February, 2018

Loan officers who attend loan closings are more successful than those who do not. According to Rob Chrisman, STRATMOR Group research indicates that LOs who don’t attend closing run a serious risk of disappointing their borrowers, consequently losing recommendations and referral business. Real estate agents know this, which is why 72% of them regularly attending closings. Unfortunately, few LOs have the time to travel from closing to closing in order to stay close to their borrowers. With eClose360, they don’t have to travel to still be more successful.

NotaryCam’s eClose360 is an award-winning online notary platform that allows mortgage and real estate closings to take place entirely online, removing all associated stress and the friction of having to attend closings physically. eClose360 is the only platform that has performed live closings that allow any party to join the ‘virtual closing table,’ including borrowers, buyers, sellers, notaries, escrow/settlement/closing agents, attorneys, real estate agents, and loan officers. The platform has been used for hundreds of home loan closings, with 99% remote closing success and a 99% customer satisfaction rating. The company enjoys the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry at 88.