Cyber Security Threats and Online ID Fraud Are Big and Costly

  • 888 Breaches in 1H 2015
  • 246 Million Records impacted (incl. Anthem 78.8M and OPM 21M)
  • 53% are ID Thefts – medical records, credit cards, SSN, passwords
    • Gemalto 1H 2015 Report
  • Avg cost of breach to a business is $4MM
  • Actual liability of a breach may exceed $100M by business
    • IBM and Ponemon Institute
  • $36B Economic Impact of ID Fraud in 2015
    • Identity Theft Institute
  • Potential Cost of a Breach in HealthCare could be as much as $5.6B annually
    • Experian 9/2015


How well is your business prepared to deter ID fraud?


  • On-Demand, on-line ID authentication by a notary (state appointed official)
  • In-person video over internet
  • Recorded and stored for 5 years
  • Meets and exceeds highest levels of ID verification and authentication standards
  • Configurable workflow to include utility statements, government issued photo ID check, etc.
  • Option to notarize documents, if desired
  • NotaryCam Academy trains and certifies on-line notaries per business workflow

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