How NotaryCam Works!

It’s simple, go to, upload your document, connect to a live Notary face-to-face on a webcam or IPad, and electronically sign your document. The notary will verify and confirm your identity and apply their eNotary seal.

  • Upload your document.
  • Request a live eNotary.
  • eNotary will confirm your ID.
  • eSign your document.
  • Notary will eNotarize your document.
  • Documents are routed and stored securely.
  • Supported Countries (Click Here for List)
  • Just $25.00 / Notarization

Let's get started with your online public notary...

  • Drop files here or
      (OPTIONAL) - Upload the document(s) that you want notarized. Please have your document filled out but do not sign your document before submitting to NotaryCam. If you do not wish to upload at this time, the notary that contacts you will provide instructions on how to upload your document directly to them.
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