Rick Triola of NotaryCam: Worried About RON Storage? Stream It

  • By jack

  • 12 November, 2021

Rick Triola is Division President of NotaryCam, the RON platform of remote online notarization and identity verification and authentication. Reach him at rick.triola@notarycam.com.

Rick Triola

With every new technological advancement and update, there will be early adopters, latecomers, and questions about how innovation will alter the status quo. One of the most powerful examples of this was the shift in the early 2000s in how consumers bought and listened to music. Back then, CDs and record stores were nearly ubiquitous, but as advances in technology and improvements in internet speed made streaming an easier and more viable option, consumers quickly adapted to this new reality, triggering a seismic shift in the music industry.

The closest analogy in the mortgage world is the rise of remote online notarization. While it originally took some time for the mortgage and real estate industries to widely embrace RON, once the technology began to take off in 2020, there was almost no turning back. However, a recent announcement from the GSEs left many lenders questioning some RON logistics and the ease with which RON fits into their existing infrastructure.


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